Asphalt Division

Framingham Police Department

Your local police department in the city of Framingham are responsible for maintaining public safety, protecting the community, and enforcing the law. 

The Framingham Police Department Headquarters was established in 1908. Since then, it has undergone significant renovations and expansion to serve the public better. Their mission is to reduce crime by giving extraordinary service and continue enhancing public safety. 

The police officers in Framingham are highly trained and underwent extensive training that equip them to be ready for any situations and scenarios. They are the first line of defense putting their lives at risk to protect citizens and maintain law and order. 

As a citizen of Framingham, MA, we have a role to play in supporting our police department. Together, we can help to create a safer place by reporting crime, suspicious activity, and participating in community drives. 

If you have any emergency concerns, do not hesitate to contact 911 or you may reach them at 508-872-1212. The Framingham police department is located at 1 William H. Welch Way, Framingham, MA 01702 which is approximately 232 meters from the Asphalt Division’s new location at 62 Pearl St. Unit 2 Framingham, MA 01702.