Framingham City Council

The City Council acts as a conduit between Framingham’s residents and its local government. Councilors connect their people to  resources, services, and city offices departments. They ensure Framingham continues to be a comfortable place to live. 


The City Council is made up of 11 members who shall exercise the legislative powers in Framingham, MA. They are composed of two councilors-at-large, representing the entire city rather than specific districts or neighborhoods, and nine district councilors. The city council links the government and the citizens of Framingham. 


The City Council is responsible for much of the city’s governance such as approving the budget, passing ordinances, and providing oversight of the city’s operations.

The Framingham City Council always ensures that its citizens live in a great place and work that the city thrives and grows in the years to come. 

If you find yourself one day visiting the City Council, their address is only 287 meters from our new location at 62 Pearl St. Unit 2 Framingham, MA 01702.

You can also attend their council meetings, and access Council meeting agendas, meeting documents, and approved council meeting minutes. 

For more information you may visit their official website