Catedral De Adoração

Catedral De Adoração literally translates Cathedral of Adoration in English. This is an evangelical religious organization located in Framingham, MA. 

The church was founded in 1997. Its main branch is located in São Paulo, Brazil and their branch in MA is situated at 74 Pearl St, Framingham, MA, United States, 01702. 

Just like any other religious group, Catedral De Adoração is open to all people who seek answers to life questions and worship God. They strengthen their faith through Biblical sermons, music worship, prayer meetings, and Bible study. 

Their regular service is scheduled on Sundays. Aside from the regular Sunday services, they also have youth programs, and outreach programs.  

Their members are composed of talented musicians who play musical instruments and sing worship songs during song worship. In fact, Catedral De Adoração is known for its music ministry.

If you would like to witness and join their organization, you may attend their Sunday service at the address above located just 38.48 meters away from the new location of Asphalt Division which is now situated at 62 Pearl St. Unit 2 Framingham, MA 01702.