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Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving

Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving: Excellence in Every Layer

In the historic area of Newton Lower Falls, MA, Asphalt Division is recognized for its outstanding contributions to the asphalt paving industry. As the leading Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving Company, we customize our paving solutions to fit the unique architectural and environmental nuances of Newton Lower Falls. Utilizing advanced paving technologies and drawing on our extensive experience, we meticulously craft projects ranging from charming residential walkways to robust industrial complexes, ensuring each enhances the area’s historic charm.Our reputation as a premier Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving Company is cemented by our innovative techniques, our commitment to quality, and our dedication to sustainable practices. By using environmentally responsible materials and methods, we align with Newton Lower Falls’ commitment to preserving its rich history and natural beauty, making us a preferred partner for those in the community who prioritize both functionality and environmental stewardship.At Asphalt Division, we are more than just a paving company; we are active participants in the Newton Lower Falls community, committed to enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and ecological health. Our projects are thoughtfully designed to improve the infrastructure and uphold the integrity of the community we serve with pride.


Projects Completed

With over 12,000 successful projects completed, our expertise in asphalt paving is unmatched.


Clients Served

Having collaborated with over 5,000 clients, we’ve built a solid reputation in the asphalt paving industry.

Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Paving

Our Latest Projects

Our most recent endeavors in Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving exemplify cutting-edge techniques and innovative solutions, consistently setting higher benchmarks in both quality and efficiency. These projects, ranging from intricate residential driveways to expansive commercial roads, demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to the diverse needs of our clients.

Real Results, Real Reviews: Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Dive into the experiences of our clients and discover why they choose us for their asphalt paving needs. Our reviews section is a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, showcasing genuine feedback from those who have witnessed our work firsthand.

Nelta Guibert
Nelta Guibert
Awesome, work was done in a timely manner. My driveway looks so nice. They are affordable and professional. I’m not easy to please trust me I was overwhelmed when I look at my driveway. I will recommend Asphalt division to all my friends and relatives. Guess what? I paid when the work was completed.
Mathew Roth
Mathew Roth
John is professional, and promptly addressed any concerns. The crew performed perfection in the construction of our backyard patio and front walkway...
Dylan Chapman
Dylan Chapman
Having recently moved, one of the first things we did was reach out to them, confident they can expertly install a driveway we are looking for. The work they did, and their sincere customer service, are one of a kind. Much appreciated.
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What We Do.

At Asphalt Division, we take general Newton Lower Falls Asphalt Paving projects seriously.

Our certified crew are dedicated to delivering the highest quality results, and customer satisfaction which is our top priority. With over 30+ years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to meet your expectations for your paving needs.

Residential Driveway Paving & Repair Company

Only the best will do when it comes to your homes and driveways. Asphalt Division offers expert service to meet all of your home paving needs.

Paving Patio & Walkway Installer Company

We don’t just work with asphalt! Asphalt Division installs paver patios, walkways, and steps for residential and commercial properties.

Asphalt Road Paving Company Near You

Asphalt Division helps your business look its best by providing beautifully maintained asphalt surfaces. Our work will impress not only you but also your customers.

Parking Lot Installation & Repair Company

We believe that having a spotless asphalt parking lot installation is one of the best ways to build a positive relationship between your company and its customers.

Why Choose Us

Originally coming from Ireland, in the late 1980s our great grandfather moved to the United States and founded Asphalt Division, with the key goal to ensure high-quality work, customer satisfaction, and personal one-on-one interaction.

Family-Owned Business

Our family has been in the paving industry for decades. As such, our experience in the industry is second-to-none. You can trust us with all your asphalt paving related needs. Our team has got you covered.


Trusted Company

We’ve been working hard in the paving industry for 34 years now, with customers from all over the Norfolk and Middlesex counties, including Framingham, Boston, Concord, and Marlborough MA just to name a few. We are fully insured in more than 30 towns of Massachusetts.

High Quality

We at Asphalt Division are firm believers in ensuring the best quality in our work. We only use the finest materials and ingredients to mix our asphalt. We use the latest technology and modern asphalt paving machine to ensure that our services are the best in the industry


About Newton Lower Falls, MA

Experience the Historic Charm of Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts

Rich Industrial History and Architectural Beauty

Newton Lower Falls, a village within the city of Newton, is steeped in a rich industrial history that dates back to the early 19th century. Known for its picturesque mill buildings along the Charles River, the area combines historical significance with beautifully preserved architecture. Guided tours and local history talks often explore the evolution of this charming village.

Educational Opportunities and Community Engagement

The community benefits from access to Newton's excellent educational resources, including top-rated schools and various lifelong learning programs. Newton Lower Falls also fosters strong community engagement through local events and initiatives that bring residents together, enhancing the village's close-knit feel.

Parks and Recreation

The village boasts several parks and recreational areas that are popular among residents for their beauty and accessibility. The scenic Hemlock Gorge Reservation, for instance, offers walking trails, picnic spots, and views of the Echo Bridge, providing a perfect setting for outdoor activities and relaxation in nature.

Cultural Events and Local Traditions

Newton Lower Falls is home to a variety of cultural events that celebrate its heritage and community spirit. From art exhibitions in local galleries to seasonal festivals and community gatherings, these events are integral to maintaining the village’s cultural identity and fostering a sense of belonging among its residents.

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