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10 Must Visit Places and Best Things To Do in Framingham MA

Asphalt Maintenance Framingham MA

Are you visiting Framingham, Massachusetts, anytime soon?

Fill in your itinerary with these top 10 attractions and make the most of your trip!

Framingham is a place for all kinds of people. The town offers many places to explore. If you love food and beer, outdoor activities, history and culture, beach and nature, this vibrant city has it all.

When you visit the town, your journey will be filled with exciting activities and experiences! 

Let’s go and explore the 10-Must Visit Places in Framingham, MA

Escape the City and Reconnect with Nature at Callahan State Park

Callahan State Park is your escape away from the bustle of the city. It comprises approximately 900 acres of deep forests, rolling hills, and scenic meadows, making it popular for hikers and nature lovers. Horseback riders are also welcome to explore the wide woodlands.   

The natural beauty of the park is one of its most outstanding features. It is covered with breathtaking natural scenery filled with flowers and diverse wildlife offering visitors to forget the stresses of the city and reconnect with nature.

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Asphalt Maintenance Framingham MA

Have a Dip at Saxonville Beach

Saxonville Beach is a natural beauty covered with lush green trees nestled along the banks of Sudbury River.

This local beach is small but enough for solo trips, and family getaways. The sparkling clear water is calling visitors to have a dip. The beach’s serene ambiance is best for escaping the city.

Unplug and enjoy the gentle sound of the river flow, let the sun kiss your skin, breathe fresh air, and get that perfect healthy tan line.

Try Your Luck at Sudbury River

Aside from swimming, one of the main activities most locals do when visiting Saxonville Beach is fishing at Sudbury River.

If you are lucky, you might catch Largemouth bass, northern pike, chain pickerel, yellow perch, and many more! But, if you prefer to stay on land, the Sudbury River also has hiking trails where visitors can spot wildlife such as bird species, deer, and rabbits.

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Asphalt Maintenance Framingham MA

Relax at Farm Pond Park

Another place that offers fishing, boat access, walking trails, a fully accessible playground, and bocce courts, is Farm Pond Park. The park features scenic views of the pond with swans swimming. 

Family picnics, legal community cultural events like the Annual Hispanic Fest and Fall Fest, as well as numerous weddings take place at Farm Pond Park all year long.

Discover the Beauty of New England Native plants at Garden in the Woods

Are you a plant lover or want to feast your eyes on different plant species? Garden in the Woods is a botanical garden that showcases New England Native plants. It spans 45 acres with a brook, pond, and wetlands.

Garden in the Woods is a magical place known for its stunning displays of over 1,500 species including rare and endangered varieties. Some of the most popular plants here include shrubs, wildflowers, and ferns.

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Asphalt Maintenance Framingham MA

Be Organic at Eastleigh Farm and Learn about Farming at Hanson’s Farm

If you have never witnessed a cow being milked, or milking a cow yourself, you must visit Eastleigh Farm. It is a rich agricultural heritage serving the needs of farm animals for over 250 years.

At Avenue C Design, a multi-vendor shop inside the farm, they offer organic food, home decor, hand-painted signs, and vintage furniture.

You can also spot locally produced food at the Farmer’s market including cheese, butter, fresh milk, and ice cream. You do not want to miss them out!

Chill at HFXB: Your On-Campus Local Brewery

Have you heard of a university with its own brewery? Framingham State University is home to a unique brewery located on campus.

Hopkinton-Framingham Experimental Brewing (HFXB) is a collaboration between Start Line Brewing Company and the university’s food and nutrition program. 

Students create experimental beers using local ingredients with their state-of-the-art techniques. Students, faculty, and locals may enjoy a refreshing sip of locally brewed ales and lagers at HFXB taproom.

So, if you are a beer enthusiast or just a curious human, make sure not to skip HFXB in your Framingham tour.

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Asphalt Maintenance Framingham MA

Refill Your Creative Juice at Danforth Museum of Art

The Danforth Museum of Art collects and exhibit historic works, contemporary artists, and regional masterpiece. DMA was founded by Helen Storrow in 1975. It is a public art museum that invites the public to see, learn, and create their own artworks.

By visiting the museum, art lovers will definitely enjoy the artwork collections and learn about the culture by looking through the arts.

Have Fun and Get Active at Reardon Playground and Furber Park

Now that you have enjoyed the beauty of nature of Framingham, MA, it’s time to get active and play at the inclusive playgrounds at Reardon Playground and Furber Park as these two provide outdoor recreation for both children and adults.

Furber Park has playground swings for kids, a covered pavilion for picnics, a close-by pond, and open fields for playing sports. In case you didn’t see what you are looking for in Furber Park, another best option is Reardon Park and Playground. It has a variety of playthings, including monkey bars and slides, arcades, batting cages, basketball courts, and an ice cream stand. 

You are sure to find entertaining activities to do on your trip with so many options available at both locations. 

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Framingham, MA is a town with beautiful attractive destinations for visitors of all ages and interests. These top 10 must-visit spots in Framingham, Massachusetts are sure to make your trip an exciting and memorable one.